2020 Quarantine Study

DIS.POSED is a collaborative project between Thorough and photographer @trevortraynor. This printed piece showcases 96 photographs taken by Trevor on his iPhone from April 9th to December 6th 2020. It’s a visual reminder of the loss, hardship, political divide, and surreality that consumed us all during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This limited print newspaper is available for purchase.


This series is a historical time stamp. These photos are a daily reminder of the loss, the hardship, the political divide, and the surreality that has overtaken all of our lives. These simple pieces of plastic, cloth and paper symbolize so much more than the virus — they represent the metaphor that united and defined us all in 2020. Disposable masks and gloves have now joined the pantheon of styrofoam cups and plastic straws as our unintended legacy. 

The challenge remains the same. We need to treat people and our planet with more love and respect. 

— Trevor

Project Credits


Editorial Layout


Trevor Traynor — Photography
Greg Fisk — Design & Art Direction
Felix Sandvoss — FS Nature Font Design

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